is offering Alternative, Comfortable, Low Impact Dwellings


Tipis and Yurts are practical and magical spaces for the nomads of our time, giving us a sense of being part of the Earth. They make wilderness accessible to us without having to leave a trace behind. Made with high quality fabrics they last a long time and are fully collapsible. These dwellings are commonly used as: Homes, Temples, Studios, Workshops, Spare Rooms, Children’s Spaces, Home away from Home and more…..
as well as
Camp-Kitchens, Canvas Outhouses (easy to set up), Canvas Canopies, Custom Summer Sunshades for your particular situation, NATURAL LOOKING AWNINGS, custom Winter Deck Enclosures, Bell Tents,  Canvas Hammocks, and Sky Chairs.
Everything is custom made, to your fancy….and I will assist you with my expertise of sewing dwellings /shelters for more than 23 years…..

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